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Stars that guide the Way. 

Peregrino is one of the flagship brands of Bodegas Gordonzello.
Under this umbrella comes a range of white, rosé and red wines made from the native varieties Prieto Picudo, Albarín and Verdejo.

The brand concept for the Peregrino family is represented by this "constellation" of stars made like Origami. With this Japanese technique, we pay tribute to the artisanal nature of the product with an artistic component. In addition to conveying quality and care, each shape imbues the label with a lively personality.

We created 6 different models of stars with very elaborate, eye-catching folds: featured in the design of each wine.

"From the sky, a star guides our way.
  A journey throughout light, colour and imagination".

At Pablo Guerrero Studio, we work developing projects in Graphic Design, Branding, Naming, Wine labelling, Packaging and Visual Identity.
We act as the yeast that ferments those ingredients already present in a brand, to transform and elevate it.
Resulting in a new brand expression: one that is even more attractive, unique and nuanced.

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