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Estate Wines

The different estates of Bodegas Merayo, with their old, even centenary vineyards, are the central axis of this family of wines: sustainable and respectful with the environment.

A small estate of old Godello grapes is located on the "La Gineta" estate, with very old vines that produce just over 1,000 bottles per vintage. The design, in this case, is at the very service of this limited production.

As for "La Galbana", the objective was to create the image of the winery's reference wine. As a brand, its name connects with the ideas of pleasure and relaxation.

Since "La Galbana" is a popular expression that conveys the drowsiness or desire to rest that occurs when the heat is on.

Y en el caso de «El Llano», la viña emblemática de la bodega, la inspiración surge de un antiguo apero para allanar los surcos tras las labores de arado.

Exclusividad y artesanía propias de microvinificación, representadas en su encapsulado, etiquetas y colgantes, para poner en valor una producción que recupera todo un legado familiar.

At Pablo Guerrero Studio, we work developing projects in Graphic Design, Branding, Naming, Wine labelling, Packaging and Visual Identity.
We act as the yeast that ferments those ingredients already present in a brand, to transform and elevate it.
Resulting in a new brand expression: one that is even more attractive, unique and nuanced.

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